Last Friday, I was invited by Rebecca to attend the “I am Rojak” event with some other bloggers. For those who follow me in twitter, I was fuck my maxis broadband where it’s keep disconnecting and the worst part is I just paid my bill. So, look at the power of the internet and the impact it has on people live like me.

I can’t live without internet and with the broadband penetration of just 34.2%, this campaign has touched more than 630,000 Malaysian.

Visit their facebook page here! Rojak Song.

YTL Community was creates to reward and build customer affinity, and provide unique experiences to our growing community through a broad range of lifestyle offerings by the YTL Group.

We have YTL girls in the house!

Phat Fabes is the emcee… The 1st news that he announced is the badminton result when Malaysia lost ^^

Tan Sri Francis Yeoh on the stage!

“Rojak” is used as a metaphor to demonstrate what’s uniquely MALAYSIAN, through quirky & endearing caricatures. Rojak Song started off as an e-greeting platform to unify Malaysians of different backgrounds, race and beliefs by haring their Rojak Song with friends and family.

We had a sharing moment where Tan Sri (Dr) Francis Yeoh, Jacob Yeoh & Wing K. Lee (CEO, YTL Communications) approach & sporting (camwhoring with my fisheye!)

When Tan Sri share his knowledge and experience, we (bloggers) share our experience in camwhore. The sad things happens when my baby out of battery and Jeremy take charge to go around with my fisheye lens.

So how does this whole Rojak Song work?

Go to Rojak website & follow the simple instructions.
When you create a Rojak Song, you create a stronger Malaysia. You celebrate “rojakness”.

Spread positivity and cheer with your Rojak Song and stand a chance to win a Google Nexus One smartphone!

Once your song is created, spread positivity and cheer with your Rojak Song by sending your song out to at least one valid email address OR post to Facebook using the Rojak Song Facebook application.

* Every unique click through to a Participant’s song via the attached email link or Facebook application will earn the Participant 10 points.
* Each referred friend who subsequently creates and sends out their own Rojak song from the Participant’s link will earn the Participant 50 points.
* Participants who send out songs from our on-ground event will be entitled to additional 50 points for every friend who views their song.

Nothing to do? Feel boring? Have fun with this video ya ^^

Rames & Little Monkey
Find more details about Rojak Song here :

Oh ya… Me & Jeremy have something for Jon XD


Have fun ya (0^^)o