R16 B-Boy Championship009-horz
Last Saturday, 8 team from 7 country came to KL Live and had their war. From Indonesia (Rebelz In Rhythm) to Vietnam (Big Toe) then to Laos (Laobangfai) together with Thailand (99 Flava) and Taiwan (Soulfresh) not forget our neighborhood Singapore (Floor Techniques) and of course Malaysia (Wakaka Fever & Giller Battle) Click HERE! to have more detail.

R16 Southeast Asia is a Final Hip Hop Concert that gather all the best among the best B-Boy in Asia. LG Electronic is the main sponsored and also organized by Korea Tourism Organization (KTO).

R16 B-Boy Championship691
Thanks to Tian Chad for give me the Media Passes and let me use his picture.

R16 B-Boy Championship016
MC Jazz Ivy (Zulu Nation)
Superman Ivy, who was born and raised in New York, the Mecca of Hip-hop, fell into the rhythm and melody of the traditional African music since childhood and being attracted to such music, he actively participated in anything that he could feel the culture of African-American. He was also interested in literature, so he loved to express his thought in writing. He got closer to emcee without knowing as he showed his dream and goal for the future to the people around him in his poetries.

R16 B-Boy Championship019
DJ Dust (Armory Records World Wide)
DJ Dust aka Bboy Dust formally know as one of the Native Old School Bboy In Korea. Inspired by many DJs from all over the world continue to show. His love for the bboys decided to provide beats. Quickly earning his respect by different Break DJs around the world releasing. A few Mix CDs and also collaborating with DJ Light from Japan and sharing. Stage with such DJs as Skeme Richards, Renegades, Element, etc.

R16 B-Boy Championship020-horz
The crowd went crazy!

R16 B-Boy Championship059
The judges:
L-R: Bboy Born (Rivers Crew), Bboy Free (Soul Shifters Crew) & Bboy The End (Gamblerz Crew)

There are 5 Categories and they are testing the new judging system.
Fundamentals, Artistic, Dynamics, Execution & Battle.

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R16 B-Boy Championship025-horz-vert
R16 B-Boy Championship133-horz-vert
B-Boy Battle on the move!

R16 B-Boy Championship282-vert
Like usual B-Boy battle, right after they “battle” or in other word they perform their skill, the judges will decide which one is better and the B-Boy will peace after that. So sweet ^^

R16 B-Boy Championship549
Altimet is a multiple awards winner at the local music industry. As a solo artist, producer, songwriter and lyricist, Altimet has worked with a number of hot local artists whose music genres range from hiphop and R&B to ska, drum-nā€™-bass and pop. In 2009, he was crowned Best Hiphop Solo Act at the Voize Independent Music Awards [VIMA 2008] and won Song of the Year for his track Chantek.

R16 B-Boy Championship443
Dose Two
Dose Two is made up of talented duo, Naqib and Sayla. The duo won the Best Hip-Hop Group honour at the Voize Independent Musicians Awards in 2008. They were nominated for the Best Foreign Live Act category at the Singapore HOPE Awards in 2008. Some of their singles had made it to several top radio charts in Malaysia.

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R16 B-Boy Championship489-horz
R16 B-Boy Championship449-horz
R16 B-Boy Championship505-horz-vert
Baby (Korea) SJ Bboys
Battle B-boy is a mesmerizing harmony of Korean traditional dance and B-boy dance. It features Korean traditional items, such as fans and baks, and the B-boys dance to Korean traditional music. The unique combination of hip-hop and Oriental music and the sets made from Korean ink paintings, create an exciting, memorable spectacle.

R16 B-Boy Championship566-horz-vert
The reaction of the winner once the winner has been decided.

R16 B-Boy Championship588
1st Runner up walkaway with LG MP3.

R16 B-Boy Championship614
Winner of the R16 Southeast Asia Finals 2010, Big Toe receives their prize from (L-R):
1. Ms. Joanne Foo, Marketing Director of LG Electronics (M) Sdn. Bhd.
2. His Excellency Yang Bong Ryull, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Malaysia
3. Mr. Kim Kee Hun, Managing Director of Korea Tourism Organisation

R16 B-Boy Championship690-horz
Winner of the R16 Southeast Asia Finals 2010 is Big Toe from Vietnam.

R16 B-Boy Championship667
End that night by open floor and all the B-Boy show their talent.