So, what we do next during our homestay visit? For me and Nigel, we went to 2 malay wedding and only went back to our foster parent. After that, all the blogger have a chance to experience “kampung life”. We learn and enjoy all the activity on that day.

So, what I will wear? Of course Quicktrail Low from crocs. You can get it from Crocs website HERE! for only RM 249.00. It’s really comfortable and it’s perfect water shoe and you can wear it at any condition. See the 1st picture? I went to all the adventure place and it’s awesome!

Quicktrail Low shoe features: One-piece molded croslite material midsole and foodbed for maximum lightweight cushioning. Stretch mesh collar creates a secure fit, yet allows for easy on/off. Lightweight rubber outsole pods provide traction and durability. Water ready: footbed drainage ports allow water to flow freely while also protecting against intrusion of pebbles or other small objects.

Firstly, we had experience how to get the rubber from the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis) is a tree in the family Euphorbiaceae and the most important members of the genus Hevea. For those who do not know, the tree is the major economic importance for the results of latex can be collected and is the main source of rubber natural. When the trees reach the age of 5-6 years, tapping can be done. Trees older produce more latex.

They teach us how to make kids game from the seed. Cool huh ^^

After that, we went to meet hot chicks, Timah. Haha funny right? I thought can have some coconut to drink but that cute monkey damn lazy. Pity to Tian Chad because the monkey try to attack him ^^”

We also have experience how to make “pembalut buah cempedak” from the coconut leaf.

After that, the blogger experience how to make their own salty egg. It’s kinda easy though ^^

On our way to jungle, all the bloggers giving and opportunity to find the durian. My job? open the durian and eat it haha. No la… actually my leg pain a bit… *try find a reason* Eh…at least I help to open ok XD

What I try to show on the picture that I hold the durian? It’s looks like heart shape on the 1st picture but once I turn it, it’s looks like ass shape XD

How nice the durian kampung? Can see their face… I believe you guys know ^oo^

Next station? Palm tree!
Palm oil consists of two species of Palm tree or family palms used for agricultural , commercial production of palm oil. Mature trees have a single stem and grow to 20 meters in height. The leaves are compound leaves children leaves are arranged in line both sides of the major bones as if the leaf hairs and reaches 3 to 5 meters in length.

You know what it is?
Pokok rambai. Another fruit tree. First time saw it XD

Another interesting part is we have chance to transfer the unagi… oops I mean eel. haha Now only know how hard to catch it. Normally I catch it on the plate and dip with the nice sauce at Japanese restaurant haha. The correct way to catch it without the eel run is close their eyes… I mean close their head because to let the eel can’t see.

Last destination? We went to batik house where we supposed to learn how to do but the people who supposed to teach us have something going on. So, we only can see the batik that has been done.

They also open to public who are interested to buy it.

Some mini garden that I spot at most of the kampung house. Damn nice wei!

What the best blogger can do?

More interesting post will up!

Till then~