For those who follow me in my Twitter and Facebook, I totally exhausted for past few days where I just back from Penang trip 4D 3N (will blog about it later) then went to Crocs Website launch on the next day (where in the morning work until late evening) and continue again my holiday on the next day to Malacca.

I would like to thanks to Mo Ad Media for organizing the homestay trip. The homestay campaign is hosted by Ministry of Tourism Malaysia. I’m glad that I’m one of their shortlisted bloggers for the Melaka Homestay Programme at Parit Penghulu last weekend. The homestay took part at Kampung Parit Penghulu, Sungai Rambai Malacca.

Since this is “kampung” style, I will make my trip light and comfortable. Thanks to Crocs that make my travel goes smoothly. I wearing a Crocsband where is really comfortable and since all of the blogger have a “long” trip, why not I wear something that easy to wear and take out + light + comfortable. Can you see what colour it is? It’s RED! Really match with my red shirt & red camera bag. I also bring Fleece Blanket that I won in one of the crocs game that I participate last time HERE! I don’t like share people blanket, so this fleece blanket can be my blanket or even be my pillow ^^

Actually, there were 31 blogger who supposed to join us the trip but it’s end up with half of it. I don’t mind to hang out with anybody that I do not know as long they are blogger because for me, bloggers are an easy-going bunch. That’s why we call it blogger!

Homestay Kampung Parit Penghulu established since early 2006. The idea came out from En. Suparman Hj. Abu who create the homestay program to be one of the tourism attraction.

Homestay Kampung Parit Penghulu
En. Suparman Bin Abu
KM 32, Parit Penghulu,
77400, Melaka
Phone: 019-6442380 (H/P)
Fax: 06-2658050
Mobile: 019-6442 380

Check it out their Facebook page HERE!

The moment we reach, we was welcome by “kompang” and escort to the 1st meeting point for the briefing and welcoming drinks. Tian Chad escort by two kids with the bunga manggar (floral displays)

Yes! The 1st things that we had is welcoming drink. We served with some traditional food and of course durian kampung! I’m so lucky have Nigel as my “partner” for a night haha at least he can talk with the foster parent. My job? eat eat eat!

My foster parents brought us to the malay wedding. Not really like the food since it’s too oily.
A Malay wedding have bersanding (enthronement), which is a family celebration. It is usual for the two parts to be celebrated over two days (one day for bride family and another one day for a groom family). In cases where the couple have family spread around the world, a number of bersanding may be held in different countries to allow everyone to wish the couple well.

Ya, we continue with the second malay wedding. Just located beside my foster parent house.

If you do not know how the kampung house looks like, check it out this video. Thanks to Rebecca for her video shoot by awesome HTC! I don’t have my my foster parent’s house. My foster parent’s house different a little bit where my one a little bit modern and near with paddy fields. Other then that? It’s totally happening with all of the animal in the house XD

Cat with the green eyes!

Fox! So cute! This fella know how to remove the curtain.

Fat & Juicy ayam kampung spotted.

Even they are kampung, they still have hi-tea.

This is what we had for a dinner.

Stay tune for the next adventure. What on the next post?
Tian Chad attacked by Monkey, Zoe & Jamie looks so funny ate Durian Kampung, Unagi alive, etc…