I was invited by Joanna to The Final Friday at ICOM where she was invited me 1 month early and I forget about it. Thanks to her for remind and calling me. I was supposed to reach early but at the end I was late for half of the show were I lost in KL. Yeah, KL people lost at KL…. GOD bless me please ^^

The best part is Joanna reserve 1 whole row for the blogger *heart*

For those who do not know, ICOM Friday performance began in 1998 and runs for over a period of 16 weeks from the start of the semester. The performances give students opportunity to perform on stage in front of audience and being part of the curriculum, are evaluated based on exceptional performance kills on the students’ principal instrument, stage presentation and general musicianship. Each week faculty member sit as panel judges and take turns to evaluate and comment on student’s performance.

Finally after 18 weeks of competing they approach the last and final showdown. What began as a group effort to improve performance became a platform of experiment to try new and different styles of music and now a Tradition of the International College of Music.

The finalists are:
Irma Seleman, (Funk)
Feri Lau Widjaja Bong (Fusion)
Whang Jungeun (Pop)
Eugene Yeo Yu Chan (Classical Crossover)
Cliff Wong (Japanese Fusion)
Kelly Phoon (Japanese Pop)
Jesica Yap (Latin)
Terry Tim (Finger Style Acoustics)
Koay Vern Hanz

I forget his name but I love the way he dress up… I just bought the same glasses like him XD

Jesica Yap (Latin)
I like the moment she play piano with her doll. Lucky my girl play piano not using doll =.=”

Irma Seleman, (Funk)
I love when she do a thriller dance like late Michael Jackson.

Whang Jungeun (Pop)
She awesome! Pretty and had a great voice as well!

Irma Seleman, is the winner on that day and proudly sponsored by Nokia and Star Mount Studio. She bring home Nokia X6!

Last performance by the girls band!

The supporter that really supportive!

ICOM never failed to have a good musician and I hope government will provide better facilities to them in order to improve the music industries!

This guy looks cool… Somebody please teach me how to play that things (o^^)o

Group photo!
L-R: Little Monkey, Clara, Joanna, Mister Fatty, Flyguy & Suresh!