When it comes to Hari Raya Aidilfitri there’s few thing playing around my mind. One of it of course the power supply and internet connection. Fret not, this year I do not have anything to worry since my cousin have register Streamyx.

How about power supply? Since everyone own devices such as smartphone & tablets, it’s really a good choice for me to bring back Innergie LifeHub Plus. Waittt… What Innergie? Basically it’s help you to quick charge your devices up to 3 devices.

LifeHub (3 USB Power Hub with Extended Reach)

  • Amazing Teardrop Aesthetics
  • 6.3A Output for Faster Charging
  • Three USB ports for Simultaneous Charging
  • InnerShield™ Power Protection
  • Integrated GreenSense™ Technology
Jadilah seperti colleague abam. Semua charge phone & iPad dekat office Creative Visual Studio bukan dekat rumah. Pagi2 masuk studio terus charge phone. Pandainyaaaaa!!! patutlag bill TNB rumah diorang berkurangan hehehe 
Mentang2 abam ada INNERGIE. Dah la cepat charge. Boleh charge 3 sekaligus!..
Untuk info lanjut boleh ke website 👉👉http://www.myinnergie.com/us/product/11
Tungggguuuuu…. kemunculan product ini di pasaran Malaysia tak lama lagi tau. Worth every single penny.

Charge Three USB-Powered Portable Devices At Once
Now, you no longer need to carry few charger. Why? Because with the all-new Innergie LifeHub Plus, you will have three different plugs (USB). Other than that, they are charged at a good and fast speed!

Feel like getting one for yourself?
Stay tuned for Innergie’s arrival to Malaysia soon!
For more information, visit Innergie at www.myinnergie.com/.

Amazing Aesthetics & Design
Personally, I love the design. The simple and slim look. Not so bulky, very light and easy to carry around. Not to mention the color of it. White and look clean. Once you switch the device on, you get blue lights coming from the middle.

Kick Back and Charge

Kick back and relax, knowing you can charge up to three USB-powered portable devices at a once. With LifeHub from Innergie, you now have one convenient way to charge tablets, smartphones, MP3 players, portable game consoles, and more. So you can just sit back on your sofa and let the LifeHub charge all your portable devices.

Being Powered and Comfortable all at once
No more sitting cramped next to an outlet when you’re low on power! LifeHub lets you to use your mobile devices when and where you are comfortable.

Amazing Teardrop Aesthetics
The Innergie LifeHub teardrop design is ultra slim and streamlined. The unique craftsmanship is first rate and the blue lighting makes LifeHub stand out from the competition. LifeHub is surprisingly light and easy to handle, it has a superb feel that is as stunning, as its appearance.

Three USB ports – 3 Times the Efficiency
The 3 USB ports allow the quick charging of three tablets or smartphones at the same time. Over 10,000 types of mobile USB devices are supported, including the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android smartphones and tablets.

6.3A Output for Ultra-Fast Charging
An ample 6.3 Amp current provides the ports with 2.1 Amp output each, allowing the rapid and simultaneous charging of three tablets or smartphones. Innergie offers quicker charging that allows you to do more your the devices.

An Extra 15 Feet – Recharge Anywhere
When extended the LifeHub offers an extra 14.7 feet (4.5 meters) of cable so that you are no longer restricted by space or distance. Relax on the couch with your family and use your tablet while it is being charged. Innergie LifeHub will become an indispensable assistant that will maximize the use of your tablet or smartphone.

The Magnetic Cable Manager for Easy Storage
Our proprietary and patented magnetic cable cradle will free you from the hassle of tangled cables.

Built-in InnerShield™ Power Protection
Innergie products are safer than ever. With Innergie’s InnerShield™ Protection Technology, all of your devices are protected from over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature, and short-circuiting, giving you stable power and peace of mind.

GreenSense™, Green Energy
Help save the planet! With extremely high power efficiency, you can reduce your energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint.