I was invited as media by the Limkokwing University Campus to attend the “Microsoft flies On Campus”

Microsoft flies On Campus” with the aim of introducing and familiarizing the students with the latest and emerging Microsoft Technologies. The event will be highlighted with the Campus launch of Microsoft Windows 7. Students will also be able to participate in the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2010, a student Technology Competition that encourages young people to bring technology innovations to life.

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Software giant Microsoft launched its latest operating system flagship, Windows 7 at Limkokwing University. The event dubbed “Microsoft flies On Campus” also aimed to introduce and familiarize Limkokwing University students with the latest and emerging Microsoft Technologies.

The Microsoft flies On Campus event consisted of a seminar that covered the latest Windows operating system, Microsoft Windows 7 and the latest Microsoft IDE, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

The seminar was also held to promote Imagine Cup 2010; a student Technology Competition that encourages young people to bring technology innovations to life as well as Microsoft Multipoint, a technology that enables the use of multiple similar devices on the same computer.

The guest speakers covered Microsoft Windows 7 user features, Copyright and how to protect creativity as well as how to have fun with Windows 7 new features.

“Limkokwing University is a world renowned university that nurtures some of the brightest talents today. Being a University of Creativity, tools such as Windows 7 ensure that those intellectual properties are protected from hackers,” said Azra Rizal, Senior Manager, MIMOS Berhad.

Jabez Gan, Microsoft Senior Technical Officer on the other hand explained how Windows 7 can be a fun software to use which includes remotely access to personal media and the ability to easily share files with friends as well as access those files from a remote desktop or notebook.

Limkokwing University will be introduced to the Microsoft Development Network Academic Alliance, a Microsoft program that is available to Academic Institutions and will be able to create an account allowing them to acquire licensed copies of Microsoft’s software for free.

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The speaker of the day.

After the seminar, students enjoyed a number of creative games and activities at the Limkokwing University plaza, as well as a Windows 7 showcase which enabled them to experience the latest Microsoft operating system.

A Microsoft solution booth was also set up where students tried out the software and were able to ask questions from Microsoft professionals.

For those who are Limkokwing student, they had an opportunity to download the Microsoft Windows 7 for free. What they need to do is just sign up in the registration counter and they will receive the serial number and they can use it for free!

Windows 7 is the next step in computer and software innovation together with Limkokwing University Asia’s leading Innovative educational institution with 30,000 students from 150 countries in 12 campuses worldwide.

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All the speaker and blogger had lunch together here. Thanks for the lunch ^oo^

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Guess what? I get free original Windows 7!!!

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