Since a lot of people asking me about this topic, I think I should share what I have in my mind. Take note that, different people might have a different point of view.
Dear blogger, some of you eager want to be a Social Media Influencer for a particular brand. Of course, when you talk about social media influencer, you have slightly extra priority compare than other blogger. Usually, brand PR/Company will throw you a lot of interesting/latest/luxury/payment, etc of their product.
However, there have this saying “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”. As a social media influencer, you are not only representing the brand, but somehow you bonded with them. You have to understand the company direction and the most important is you must trust the brand. If no, the best way is to avoid becoming their social media influencer. For myself, why I choose a particular brand because I love the people and I trust the brand. 
Don’t be greedy. Some people will accept anything/everything when someone offers to you. Our actions somehow will reflect the brand. As a social media influencer, somehow we became an icon and everyone is watching. You must be able to deliver the information to public. Do more homework about the brand and spend more time with the people behind the brand somehow will help you to understand more about the brand.
Brand or company is run by human and human is not perfect. Being positive and constructive feedback is important because we are not supposed to lie to the public. Teamwork is key point to help the brand and the public to understand. Helping each other is the best way to improve. There has a reason why brand needs social media influencer. Work together with the brand by providing them a public feedback in order for them to improve.

Stop asking what brand will give you. Instead, ask yourself if you are ready to be the influencer.