See what just arrive at my doorstep. Thank you HTC Malaysia. Finally, I have my own HTC Dot View Smartphone Case. Since I always workout in the gym, my phone always slips from my hand. As an active social media user, there always has a lot of social media notification. Now, my HTC Butterfly 2 is no longer naked anymore.
Check out this #htcDotView . It’s really cool! What do you think? What can I say about this HTC Dot View Smartphone Case, it’s really user friendly and the most important it’s smart. I’m not only can protect my phone, but I also can just answer any call without open the case.
Simple yet fashionable, fit nicely my smartphone. I prefer Red color to be honest, but why not I try out something different? You can purchase this toy only for RM149.
Function meets form with this dual-purpose smartphone case that offers instant phone access while the case is still closed. Wrap-around protection with flashy dot matrix cover lets you take calls, receive email notifications, schedule reminders, weather updates, and more, without even opening the case.
With HTC Dot View, easily redial contacts by swiping the face of this inventive smartphone case without having to open the cover. A unique twist on quick calling productivity.
Check notifications while the HTC Dot View case is still closed. Simply swipe left or right to check for new messages, incoming emails, missed calls and more.
Use HTC Dot View to reflect your personal style on your smartphone. Select a favorite theme and have it shine through your cover while still protecting the smartphone inside.