Before you guys continue reading this blog post, if you are the students, you MUST read this blog post! A weeks a go, I just bought a HP Printer K209a together with my friend in Digital Mall PJ. So, I gonna share something.

You gonna thanks to me when you need to print a lot of assignment. I found the solution for you 😉

A stylish, easy-to-use all-in-one printer which produces photos with resolutions close to the original? Production of text documents in decent quality fit for official and personal at a modest cost? Look no further than the HP Deskjet K209a, where you can print, scan and copy with minimal fuss.

The HP Deskjet Ink Advantage All-in-One Printer K209a (available for RM319) boosts efficiency by producing crisp black text documents and vibrant color images at speeds of up to 29 pages per minute (ppm) in black and 23ppm in color, thereby improving productivity. It also has a copying and scanning function for users who need to do it all.

Of course there’s a pros and cons. Let we talk about the pros first ya.

• Low cost inks
• Laser quality black text versus vivid colour graphics and photos
• LCD ink level gauge allows users to know the level of ink left
• Variety of features to choose, from presentation printing, booklet printing, double-page printing, fast/economical printing, with white borders and so much more!
• Very simple instructions and easy to set up
• Feature USB 2.0 Hi-Speed interface for further speeding up file transfers


Printing speed FPOT (1 lembar)
Mono Text (rtf) 16 seconds
Coloured text (rtf) 27 seconds
Text + Graphic (pdf) 35 seconds
Picture in A4 48 seconds

Copying Speed
Mono Text (rtf) 18 seconds
Text + Graphics (pdf) 34 seconds
Pictures(jpg) 43 seconds
Scanning Speed
Photo in A4 (100dpi) 11 seconds
Photo in A4 (300dpi) 28 seconds
Photo in A4 (600dpi) 1 minute35 seconds

The table above shows the printing speed of several functions and material which is reasonably fast.

So how about the cons?
• Small capacity of the included cartridges is a letdown
• The speed of printing could be faster

HP printer are friendly user. Why I say so? Other than a simple way to install the driver, there also have a simple and easy to understand button on the printer.

So, where else can you get cheap printer + cheap cartridge as well?

If you want more detail, check it out their website: HERE!