Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So, throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. 
When I get an offer to shoot the-making-of music video recording for a month in Langkawi, I was so excited. Especially when the band member itself are my friends. It not an easy decision for me to make because I have company to run and I have limited time to allocate work/shooting to my colleagues when I’m away. Especially when we have a lot of commercial shoot for Ramadhan and Aidil Fitri.
I’m blessed and grateful to have colleagues that very helpful and professional. Two weeks before I left to Langkawi, my colleagues and I have been working non stop to clear up all the pending work. It was sleepless night but worth it. We even have last minute people who came to our studio for the studio rental. For the sake of appreciate our clients, we accept it and that’s one of the reason why we left Kuala Lumpur quite late. Internet such as Whatsapp, Facebook and email are the only connection that I have to keep myself update on what’s happening in Kuala Lumpur. Trust, management and communication are the keys.
I’m ready for Langkawi. Can’t wait to explore the entire Langkawi island. Thank you Langkawi for welcoming us with such a lovely weather.
Since we need a car for the entire month, we decided to go Langkawi by driving. The journey from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Perlis took 6 hours. For those who are driving down to Langkawi, look for the sign Kedah / Alor Setar Selatan / Langkawi.
If you are looking for a short trip to Langkawi, you may want consider open space parking for RM10-15/day.
Unless if you want to drop or accompany your friend in ferry terminal you can park your car at the Mosque. Maximum 2 hour per car because it’s mosque parking.
The view of Kuala Perlis Ferry Terminal.
There have few ways to enter the island and one of it is from Kuala Perlis. One of our band member went to Langkawi one day earlier and he told us that RM18/per person for the ferry ticket (Kuala Perlis – Langkawi). There are buses running daily to Alor Setar/Kuala Kedah. Another option is by rail, KTM (Keretapi Tanah Melayu) starts its journey from Singapore with interchange in Kuala Lumpur and then all the way down to Alor Star Train Station and Arau.
You can choose to book your ticket through online or walk in. The ferry is available every one hour. If you come by group, it’s better to book online. 
Since we have to bring our car to Langkawi and we booked late, we have to get tickets from different counter which is from different ferry company. There have few options and the best way to book your ticket especially when you bring car is a week before. 
Langkawi Auto Express fare.
There have few option for the ferry:
Langkawi Auto Express. We booked slightly late and thanks god there still have few more slot.
This is the ferry that brought us to Langkawi.
Basically it’s more and less like first in first out. You will drive out forward once you reach to the island. So, the first car at the front will be go out first.
If you come early, you will able to get under the shade or else, your car will get exposed under the hot sun.
The ferry is divided into 3 level.
Ground level : For car.
1st – 2nd floor : For passenger.
3rd floor : Observation and ferry crew deck.
Fully air conditioner for the passenger. Entertainment (movie), toilet and canteen are available.
The observation deck.
If you are lucky, your car will be covered from hot sun.
Upon arrival.
Some of the view during the trip: