My 1st time posing in front of the camera. I’m not a photogenic. Seems that I have to attend modeling class. People asked me how important to take care your health and appearance as a social media influencer. For me as influencer you have to be presentable, not only from your attitude but also your appearance. Because you doesn’t only represent yourself, but also the brand and company.
For my haters and those who keep asking why I don’t take my full body shot, this photo is for you.
I used to have a flat tummy and my weight is 56kg. Unfortunately, I’m too comfortable with my life and I gain weight after I graduated from my diploma. For those who use to study same university with me, they know how thin I use to be.
Once I went to continue my bachelor, I gain weight up to 90kg and have a big tummy. Since I’m too busy with my study, shooting (CVS Production & Creative Visual Studio) and social media, I do not have time to work out.
There has this saying; never expect people to love you when you don’t even love yourself. Alhamdulillah I manage to lose weight 8kg in a month and I do still have some belly. It’s good to see the improvement evnthough it’s not a really big achievement, but it’s a stepping stone for me.
Continue to hate me because your hate is my challenge.
This is what we call Jacobs Ladders. My 1st try max is 2min. The longest record in this gym is 5 minutes. It’s really good for cardio and I’m sweating like mad.
My workout seems worth every single sweat. Let’s push harder and never get comfortable.Tomorrow I will is going to be my good “first-time” of everything and 2015 seems promising for me.
Will be talking and appear on Indonesia national TV station to talk about my passion in photography and video production (finally Indonesia do appreciate my work).
Will get my 1st ever professional fashion phtooshoot (I’m afraid to be in front of the camera because I do have low self confidence and I’m not photogenic). Will attend one of awesome party of the year ( ‪#‎PartyofTheCentury‬) brought to you by #EmpireCity.

If any of you happen to watch RCTI or if you happen in Bali today, do help me to record. I really appreciate. I’m not sure if it is going to be live or studio recorded.