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Recently, I have been travelling to Singapore quite often not for the purpose of having holiday or going back to my hometown but it’s for a business purpose. Some of you might know and some of you still in a missing puzzle. Currently I’m running a production house that focus on advertising, photography, cinematography and online marketing. Check out and ask me if you need more info.

I just got back from Singapore last week (19-23 April 2012) for some photoshoot and meetings. You also can read one of my interesting experience on chasing a tender. This is how I started to get involve with Singapore market: “You need to knock the opportunity door instead – My short business trip to Singapore (28.2.2012 – 29.2.20012)”


Keep continue read this blog post how you can get unlimited calls!

I’m also looking for a part timer who interested to work with us as a marketers. More info: HERE! For those who think they do not know anything about marketing, you may want to read about “Human Marketing”


Currently, Flexiroam provide a solution for a people who need to do unlimited call when they are travelling as low as RM10 per day. I had mine for RM10 per day when I travel to Singapore.

Since my 1st business trip to Indonesia gonna be 16 days from 24 of May until 8 of June 2012 (Jakarta, Bandung, Yogjakarta, Semarang and Surabaya), Flexiroam will always be my 1st choice. It’s only RM10 per day for Jakarta. Check out the pricing:

Who should use it?


For those who are in Indonesia, check this out: HERE!