How Hard to Say a Goodbye? Right after my photoshoot at Holiday Villa Hotel Subang, me, Azrin and Jason went to KLIA to meet our favourite girl, Ellie. Lucky we manage to meet her where we reach there on time. It is 15 minutes before Ellie left us. 1 year is just a short period. She said that she might come back on July.

Elli favourite boy? 😉

I know it is really hard to say a goodbye to something that you really love. But, people always come and go. That is what we call as life. If you think you love someone and he/she still do not know that they are important for you, what you waiting for? Make a first move and tell him/her.

Check it out the farewell party that Advertlets organized, HERE!

Check it out her video too!

Ellie family.

Ellie will always in my heart *hug*