How I manage to balance my study?
Is it hard to balance it?

I have received a lot of question regarding how I balance my education and my social life. First of all I would like to inform you guys that I am not a top A student. During my diploma at Nilai UC (previous University) I have been busy involve with a lot of university activity from university event until outside organization event. Some of people weird how I manage to balance my education where I need maintain my CGPA and active in other activity.

I am tired but I like where I can gain an experience at the same time to build up connection. I am glad that I receive a lot of support from people who surround me and of course my previous PA.

When I graduate from my University and I plan to continue my Degree at Taylor University, I have decided to do not really active in University where I would like to more active in my social network where I can see there have big opportunity for me to gain some income and at the same time to build up a connection.

Some people might do not know that my previous blog is where I felt that it is not professional enough for me to build up a network. I think I will create another post for me to share how and why I build up FeeqSays Network.

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FeeqSays Network launch
When talk about social network, it is not only about you, computer, internet and application. For me, traditional method also must play some role. Apart of sit in front of computer I also need to go out and meet with new people and sometime I need to have chill out time with them. Some people might think it is waste my time but for me if you know how to manage it properly, it is should not be a problem.

Let we start from basic. My 24hours routines are: 8am – 6pm (totally focus on college, assignment and study), 6pm – 2am (social network), 2am – 6am (rest) and 6am – 8am (social network). Sometime I not sleep at all or I only sleep for 2hours.

To be honest, I only spent my time to sleep for only 4 hours for me to have a proper rest. I know that sleep is important and what I do if I need an extra sleep? I will sleep in LRT or friend car if they fetch me to go anywhere. You can ask some of my friend that fetches me before where I slept inside their car XP

When I mention about social network; it is involve event, meeting, find the information in the internet, communicate with other people through social network tools, do the blog post and also visit other people blog. I still prefer become the silent reader and I only comment on people blog post if I think it is necessary. For me my interest on connection and this is what I like to do. So, there do not anybody who handle and you need to manage yourself. It is really hard where you need to edit the photo and do a blog post.

During 8am – 6pm, I will totally focus in study unless that day I am quite free and I understand the topic that the lectures teach on that day. I will settle down my assignment as early as possible and do a revision everyday for what I have learn on that day. So, it will help me to recall back what I have been learn. I will do my own study group and mostly with girl.. ^^ haha at least I have spirit to study. Other than that, some of you who follow me in twitter realize that for this few weeks I always spent my time at Library or 24/7 hours study room because I will start study hard 2month before the final exam.

Whatever you do, education come first.
If you have something to share about how you balance your social network, do let me know ya.

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