Inappropriate Ways of Bloggers in Gaining Publicity!

Anybody Dare To Voice Out?
Can someone tell me?

I would like to share two points where I believe that nowadays some of the blogging direction is totally wrong.


I understand that some people make their blog as a professional job where some people call them as a full time blogger etc. Some of blogger might create a blog just as a hobby. Whatever motive you do, it is involve with social media. When talk about social media, blogging is just part of it. There still have a lot of social media platform outside there. For those who think they are very good in blogging, you might need to think back. Social media is wide. Please do not think that when you attend some event from blogging advertising company, you really good. I have seen a lot of faces where I met them in the blogging event and some of them a little bit arrogant.

Profession or hobby is not a question.
The question is, does anyone want blogging because want to be famous?

I have some attitude where I like to go read people blog without leave any comment on their blog post unless it manages to attract my attention to leave a comment. Then reason why? HERE. When it involve with blogging industry I am not saying that I have been in this field for long. I start blogging (my previous blog) from 2007 and what I can say is the blogging direction has totally changed and the people perception has totally changed to be different. There is advantage and disadvantage. It is a good thing where people start to realize the power of social network and try to use it as one of the advertising tools.

To be honest, I really hate some of blogger who just know how to gain publicity with the wrong method but do not have any outcome. I respect to those who really want to be serious in this field where they came out with the interesting news, photos, blog post etc.

What I do not understand is some of the blogger tried create news where it is not exists. I do not want point finger to anyone because I believe that they can be improve. They can create a good tittle and post it but at the end the content is just rubbish. I not saying that my blog post is good but at least when bloggers want put tittle on their blog post, it is better if can straight to the point or at least the blog post that they create is worth to read. I know that some of blogger want to put the catchy title in order for people to read their post. That is a good idea as long your post is interesting to read or it is about your thought. Sometime I enjoy reading people thought.

I do not think it is a big deals where you want blog about how much you earn unless you really want make your blog as a platform to earn profit. I do not understand why some blogger want screen shot their blog when they have ads and blog about it. What you get when you manage to tell the whole word. To show off that you have ads?

Another thing that I saw is some of blogger know how to support each other. It is a good thing? Yes it is. The thing is I do not understand why some blogger do not dare to reply the true things in the other blogger blog post. To make it the readers have a clear picture, let me give an example. Some blogger will blog crap things like what I mention above. People who come to their blog and reply crap comment such as “awesome post” or “Congrats” or “Good Job” or the worst comment ever “blogwalking” Why? If you know the blog post is crap, why should you give a good comment? Does you guys scare people would not go to your blog? Or that is just one of the way that you want leave your footprint there and let other blogger visit your blog as return? If that is your reason, I think your brain got problem. If you leave a lot good comment, the blogger will think that they have done a good post. Whenever I visit their blog and I leave bad comment, the bloggers who comment after my comment will support me. Does it mean that you need someone to tell the true thing and you will change your mind? Why you guys need to scare?

Another situation that I can see is the press conference. From my understanding, the purpose of press conference is for the blogger/media to spread the news right after the press conference itself. It is meaning that, you need to attend the press conference and only you can talk about it. I saw some of blogger who really excited about the event and the worst part is they screen shot the email that they receive and blog about it. What you want gain from your blog post? You want show off? Of course the percentage of people who do that less. You must understand that some of other people receive press conference most of everyday but they never show off.

Some blogger might say that they do just create blog for fun. If you really create for fun or as hobby, you do not bother to let the whole world click on your link or visit your blog. Sometime I feel really weird to those who said that they blog just for fun but actually they not mean for it. So, please stop from be hypocrite!

I just a small potato in the social media and I would like to give some advice. If you have an interesting blog, people will come back again to visit your blog.

Sorry for my broken English.

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