Some people might forget and some people might not. I believe that some of you still in the Chines New Year mood right? Since 14 February is just around the corner, why not I intro a perfect place for you to bring your special partner for the dinner. Yeah… at least I save your time to find a place… Happy… Feeq save the day… *push me from 5th floor*

Last Monday, I was invited by Advertlets and Rebeeca to join some of the bloggers & press. All of us were invited to Holiday Villa Hotel & Suites Subang to tasting their Valentine Dinner menu. Before that, let me introduce our chef on that day. Everyone say hi to Chef Azram!

According to Tony Sabastian who is the Executive Assistant Manager of Holiday Villa Subang, the dinner set consists of Chinese & Italian fusion. That is why you can see all the food is mixture of Asian and western cuisine.

This is not my first time I went to their food review where previously I went for their Buka Puasa and Christmas promotion. What can I say about the food and services? Great.

The price? What can I say is not too expensive. Guys, this is Valentine and it is only 1 year once. If you still wondering about the price, let me tell you. Valentine’s Day in Holiday Villa Subang, price ranges is from RM98 to RM180 per person. You can check out more from their Holiday Villa Website & Facebook page.

Let me started with their appetizer. It is Grilled Unagi Onigiri and Golden Almond Flake Stuffed Scallop cake with Fish paste served with Yuzu Orange Wasabe Mayo. Quite long right the name? Can you see the plate? The plate also long 😉 I am really fan of Unagi and what can I say about the Unagi is just a perfect. The Unagi meat not too hard and its just a great. We also had the fish cake and the orange wasabe mayonnaise.

Double Boiled Chinese Style Chicken Froth served with Kumomoto Oyster and Lychee Jam. Yes, we had this soup as our second course. I like their chicken broth. Not too oily and it is just a perfect. I ate it with 3 bun of bread and guess what? I end up with drank it all like I drink milk XP. How about the Oyster? Errr… to be honest, I felt weird. I scrapped off the lychee jam and I only ate the oyster.

My main course? Vietnamese Style rack of Lamb and Salmon Fillet seared until perfection served with Chef Specialty Salsa. I ordered lamb since I could not eat beef. The meat is tender and mix well with the brown sauce. Served with the grill Salmon. The salmon skin not too crispy and the meat is just good. A little bit dry but can it will be better if there have more sauce. Actually you can ask for more.

This is another main course. I do not have chance to try it. The Beef Medaglione al Forno topped with Mushroom Ragout, Reduction of Berries Balsamice and Raisin Bordelaise Sauce. Perhaps you can check with the Bryan since he ate it.

Last but not least is…. DESSERT!!!
Dessert Chocolate Cheese Mousse and Strawberry Dipped served with Caramelized Granny Smith Apple. The cheese is just nice but the caramelized granny smith apple a little bit new for me. I still can accept it but could not able to finish it. Maybe because I had my dinner before I went to the food tasting + ate their the first 3 course and its make me full.

Extra dessert of the day 😉

On our way back from the hotel room, I spotted this 2 dessert and my cute tummy say… I want I want eat!!!

Cheese Cake


Thanks to Holiday Villa, Advertlets and Rebecca for the invitation *look at my cute tummy*


After the dinner, all of us had an opportunity to visit their hotel room.

Corporate Executive Suite
Rm400++ (per night)

Corporate Deluxe Twin
Rm320++ (per night)

Corporate Deluxe King
Rm300++ (per night)

The room quite big and I like their light. A little bit yellowish. Some of the hotel too “white”.

The best part about their working station is the power point. I can do all my work and charge my gadget without any problem and they have internet connection as well.

When talk about the hotel, the first thing is I will check the toilet. If the toilet is dirty, I will straight call the receptionist and ask them to clean for me or change the room for me immediately 😉

For other Promotion currently Holiday Villa Subang is having, please click HERE for more information.

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Holiday Villa Subang
9 Jalan SS 12/1,
47500 Subang Jaya

Tel: +60 3-5633 8788