When is the last time you had a Christmas dinner?

Recently, I had few Christmas food review and I would like to share some of the food review that I attend to my readers.

Last week I was invited by Advertlets and Rebecca to the New Year Eve Carnival buffet dinner at Holiday Villa Subang Jaya. First of all, I would like to apologize for the delay blog post and late to the dinner as well.

For those who do not know, I am rushing all the way back from Singapore and guess what? Thanks to Hanie for the ride. Yes! It is damn fast and at the end, Xiang and I manage to reach Subang in 2 hours time. Thanks to Mike Yip for the photos since I forgot to charge my camera. All of the photo is belongs to him.

What can I say about the “not-so-dangerous” journey?
It is worth!

Do you love Turkey?
Ok, this is not just for the display and it is for nom nom 😉

Talking about Turkey, does anyone know why Turkey = Christmas?
Why do we eat turkey for Thanksgiving?

There have a lot of story behind it and some of it are:

“In 1621 when the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians celebrated the first Thanksgiving, they were gobbling up many more foods than just turkey. Since lobster, goose, duck, seal, eel, and cod were plentiful during this time, these foods were most likely the main courses of this first feast. Deer meat and wild fowl are the only two items that historians know for sure were menu of this autumn celebration.”

“One story tells of how Queen Elizabeth of 16th century England was chowing down on roast goose during a harvest festival. When news was delivered to her that the Spanish Armada had sunk on it way to attack her beloved England, the queen was so pleased that she order a second goose to celebrate the great news. Thus, the goose became the favorite bird at harvest time in England. When the Pilgrims arrived in America from England, roasted turkey replaced roasted goose as the main cuisine because wild turkeys were more abundant and easier to find than geese.”

Turkey Trivia:
* The long fleshy skin that hangs over a turkey’s beak is called a snood.
* The color of a wild turkey’s naked head and neck area can change blue when mating.
* Male turkeys are nicknamed “toms” while females are called “hens.”
* When turkeys reach maturity they can have as many as 3,500 feathers!
* Faster than a speeding bullet–Wild turkeys can run up to 55 miles an hour!

Let’s we start something light and not so heavy. Sometime I like to start my dinner with dessert and continue with appetizer and end with dessert again.

I am not a dessert person but what else you can do when there have a plenty of nice & colorful, healthy & sweet stuff to nom nom? Of course my heart could not able to avoid it. Forget about my diet on that day, I tried a lot of nice dessert where there have a lot of things that you can try from the fruits to the Ice Kacang. My favourite on that day is Ice Kacang. Why? Let me tell you something, the only time that I can mix and create my own Ice Kacang is during buffet. I can add myself corn and cendol as much as I want.

Different people have different choice. For me, I love everything. Holiday Villa also offer variety of cuisine from Western to Japanese and Asia as well. Looking at fresh Oyster, the 1st things that I do is, I took 5 oyster and bring it to my table. Let me tell you something. I prefer to eat Oyster with Thai Chili Sauce rather than lemon juice and eat Pasta with sambal belacan.

While enjoying my dinner, Rebecca remind me about the Turkey. Since I am little bit blur on that night, I went to Japanese session and took the Tempura. On my way back to my table only I saw the chef cut the Turkey and I grab it on my way back. So, that is how my Turkey looks like.

Looking for something that healthy? They have a lot of food from gardens.

Assorted of Mesclum lettuce with assortment of Grilled Beef, Grilled Chicken, Smoked Salmon, Grilled Kurau Fillet, Mussels, Anchovies, Pickles Lime, Grilled Aubergine, Boiled Potatoes, Hard Boiled Eggs, Charcuterie, Gherkins, Capers, Cucumber, Onion Ring, Feta Cheese, Olives, Sundried Tomato, Grilled Mushroom, Celery, Courgettes, Tomatoes, Garlic Oil, Chili Oil and Herbs Courton served with Caesar, Italian, French and Cheese dressings.

Some people might ask me why should you spend a lot of money just for a Christmas dinner?

For me, it is not only about the money but it is all about the moment. What else can be a better place for a perfect dine with friends/family at the poolside with the unlimited food?

Since Holiday Villa Subang is located at Sunway area, why don’t you guys give yourself a space for you to spend with your family or your close friends. At the end, it is all about Christmas celebration.

Thanks Ee Van for the summarised table.

The Poolside New Year’s Eve Carnival will happen on the 31st December 2010 at the cost of RM111++ per person.

For other Promotion currently Holiday Villa Subang is having, please click HERE for more information.

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