If you are looking for one brand that carry all your daily care, I would strongly recommend Himalaya Herbals. Personally, I have been using Himalaya Herbals complete care ever since I left my college life. Before this, I only use their shampoo and toothpaste. The only reason why I don’t use their facial wash and supplements because of the price is a bit expensive as a student. Now, I can buy everything because I’m working and have money… yeayyyyy!!!! Hahahaha
My complete care set. How about you?
I’m so excited to share supplements that I currently consume and I really love it. I will share on my next post.
The reason why I love this toothpaste because it have the complete care. The new Himalaya Complete Care Toothpaste not only protects teeth and gums from germs, but also has antioxidants that assist in removing toxins, helping your gums maintain their natural health.
If you ask me one thing about the most famous product for Himalaya Herbals, I would say their shampoo. I do love the smell and of course they are totally herbs. I will change every two months. Usually I will go for Anti Hair Fall & Anti Dandruff shampoo.
Another my favorite is their face wash and face pack. Since I do have pimples problem, this boys really do helps a lot.