Rushing like mad. Just finish class and need to rush go Kota Bahru Kelantan for wedding photoshoot until Sunday.
My previous visit to Kelantan is 10 years ago.. hmmm =)
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Bought Sani Bus Express from Hentian Putra that gonna make me stuck in the bus for 8hours journey. Since I have class until 6pm and all the last flight ticket to Kota Bahru Kelantan finish at 7pm today, I need to go by bus. Bus ticket from KL 9.30pm and estimate time arrival to Kelantan is 5.30am!
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FUR Layout Plan 20
So, guess what? This is how my studio looks like =)
For me, it is not how expensive props that you have in studio but how comfortable it is also important. Furnished with air-conditioners and comfortable furniture to create a cozy environment, the studio is also available to be rented. Prices are reasonable and competitive.
– 2 x 400W Studio light set.
– 2 x 300W Studio light set.
– 2 x 40″ umbrella diffuser.
– 1 x Octabox (40cm x 140cm)
– 3 x Wireless trigger/Receiver set
– 2 x Standard softbox (60cm x 90cm).
– 1 x Colour gel set + Snoot + Honey comb.
– 2 x Strip softbox (40cm x 140cm) with grid.
– 2 x Giant Background Reflector (180cm x 112cm)
– 2 x Colour gel set + Reflector bowl + Honey comb
– 1 x Softbox for external flash (40cm x 40cm).
– 1 x Industrial fan.
– 1 x Manfrotto camera tripod.
– 1 x Manfrotto camera monopod.
– 1 x Grey backdrop (10″ x 20″).
– 1 x Black backdrop (10″ x 20″).
– 1 x Green backdrop (10″ x 20″).
– 1 x White color backdrop (10″x20″).
– 1 x Library backdrop for graduation (10″ x 20″).

Floor Plan 20

Size of the studio:
– 7500 mm x 12010 mm
– 24.6″ x 39.4″
General facilities:
– Meeting room.
– Refrigerator.
– Make up area
– Chilling spot.
– Changing room.
– Fully air conditioned.
– Kids photoshoot theme.
Interested to be a member?
– RM100 per year.
– Free T-Shirt (limited).
– Discounted for studio rent.
– Discounted for monthly activity.
– Not for a commercial purposes.
– Email us at
Location Jpeg

No 15C, Jalan Kenari 22,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
Puchong Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia

– 3rd floor,
– Behind Pizza Hut,
– Facing Main Street,
– Bandar Puchong Jaya,
– Across from Binary College,
– 1st floor is Silverstone workshop,
– Walking distance to Puchong Boulevard.