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Some people thought it’s really easy to handle Creative Visual Studio. Since I’m playing with a photography & cinematography field, I face with two different kinds of people. Positive & Negative; Love & Haters; Friends & Enemy; Government & Opposition; Lost & Profit; etc. The way how I run my businesses is based on a combination of photography and marketing. There’s a lot of people who are supporting me and there also have some people said that I’m killing a market.

It’s really affecting me and I had a hard time to focus on what I really wanted to do. I’m so lucky that I made a right choice to be part of SPARC Series and I have my answer from Ahmad Izham Omar (8TV). He shares his experience and learning curve how he manages to change the music industry. If you familiar with a name of Malaysian Idol, OAG, Faizal Tahir, INNUENDO, 8TV, Fly FM, Hot FM, etc, you should know Ahmad Izham Omar.


What is SEC & SPARC Series?

One of the initiatives that SEC have started since September 2011 is called the SPARC Series, where they invite top Malaysian personalities in a multitude of interest to give a speech on how they have arrived to where they are, relating their personal philosophies throughout their tenure and will be followed by a healthy Q&A session.

The speakers usually come from a myriad of working background, so as to cater for all kinds of interest. They hope, though, that everybody would actually go and listen to those which are of a completely different, if not distantly related, working background so that they can view their working philosophies in a different perspective.

Thanks to International Islamic University Malaysia students who support us.
It is really great that Creative Visual Studio had an opportunity to work and be part with the organization and honored that we had responsibility to be their official photographer and cinematographer for the entire of the event._MG_9481
This is the person (Ahmad Izham Omar) who manages to change the industry and he faced a lot of obstacle. His journey answers my questions with 2 sentences. “If you believe with your idea, do not give up” and “When the people in the industry say NO to you, you listen to mosh pit/audience”

“Ahmad Izham Omar is the chief executive officer of 8TV founder of Monkey Bone Records and head of Media Prima Radio Networks, which consist of Fly FM, Hot FM and One FM. He is 39 years old. He formerly owned a recording company called Positive Tone. He is by far the youngest CEO of a television station in Malaysia. A liberal minded person, he was the one who started bringing in reality TV shows such as Malaysian Idol. He first became well known by being associated the vocal group called Innuendo which he popularized.”Source

Have you heard about Jason Lo? Tune Talk guy? The first time I met him is during the Justin Bieber premiere screening. Something that I learnt from him… “Just do anything in order to pay your debt”.

There are a lot of things whereby the audience can gain from the SPARC Series such as networking, knowledge, motivation from real people and real experience etc.
Jason Lo gave out a The Avengers premiere screening ticket & a concert ticket to the students who have Tune Talk. Next time if you attend an event and if Jason Lo ask do you have a Tune Talk, you should say YES!
All of the International Islamic University Malaysia participants receive some goodies from Tune Talk!

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