Sometimes, once you have completed your plan, you have to stop from everything you did and ask yourself. So what’s next? Am I going to live in my comfort zone or do something beyond my limits. Then somehow you will realize there have 2 different paths that you have to choose. The normal and straight road or the humpy-bumpy and insecure road. Whatever your choice are, never settle. Success is a journey and not a destination.
I wanted to thanks 2014 which is so far the most challenging year for me. There’s a lot of upside down, but most of the time I’m almost giving up. From financial to career and relationship, sometimes life can be the one that you hate most. Then I realize if I don’t stand firm and build my own dream, who will build for me? If it’s so easy, everyone already did.
Planning for 2015. Focusing on 3 areas; travel, commercial and social media. Finally, I found my direction and let’s focus on that. I’m going to start from basic and any of you who are interested to help me build my dream, you are welcome. 
Shooting something while travelling it was one of my dreams. My condolences to the lost of Air Asia crew and airlines. The question is, where are we going next? 
The only way you want to achieve your goal is to move forward and never moving backwards no matter what happened.
Went to the market and this what I get for my one week food supply. All under RM50. Sometimes healthy food can be so expensive. So, share with me how you usually cook your healthy meal. How much usually you spend on groceries per month?
 Pre workout meals. I don’t have any fancy new year meals, how about you?
Somehow I felt this plain boiled chicken breast kinda tasty, even though I don’t put any salt and pepper. Share with me your healthy food recipes please. 
Insecure to secure. Prudential to MAA. How about you? What’s your insurance plan?