Penang known as food heaven, so the only things that came out from my mind is to bring back food that can last long as souvenir. So, my friend from Penang told me to drop by at this main outlet and also the largest one.

Originated from Fujian, China since 1856, Ghee Hiang has become an integral part of Penang, Malaysia’s colourful heritage and mesmerising traditions. In 1856, during a period when the tin mining and rubber industries in Malaysia was flourishing and attracted many Chinese immigrants from Southern China, the founder invited a Fujian Pastry Chef to Penang and adopted the name Ghee Hiang. This marked the beginning of Ghee Hiang traditional pastries in Penang.

Then in 1900’s, Ghee Hiang Baby Brand Pure Sesame Oil was introduced, using methods and techniques learned from Fujian, China. Through the years of further refinement and quality seeds selection, Ghee Hiang Baby Brand Sesame Oil had gained much appreciation, demand and popularity. It had become a trusted brand name for uses ranging from households, food industries, restaurants to healthcare.

Goodness of Ghee Hiang Traditional Pastries
Tau Sar Pneah, Beh Teh Saw, Phong Pneah, Hneoh Pneah, Oriental Almond Cookies….
Delicately handcrafted and freshly baked daily, with NO MSG, additives and preservatives, but only natural ingredients each has its own goodness.

Pastries’ ingredients such as wheat flour, green beans (commonly known as mung beans), molasses, and almonds are wholesome in nature. Wheat flour is naturally low in fat, and provides proteins and a range of vitamins and minerals. Green beans are high in dietary fibre, folate and copper; ideal for weight loss and maintaining an optimum health. Molasses is low in cholesterol, a good source of magnesium and potassium; a healthy sweetener. Almond offers heart-healthy monounsaturated fat, calcium and magnesium, and it is an excellent source of vitamin E which helps protect against cardiovascular disease.

I cant eat it… So, only can camwhor!
I bought 2 boxes to bring back and gave to my MyC! clicks.

Tau Sar Pneah
Specially catered to those who prefer small bite size. Each piece with the sweet and salty filling of green beans is delicately handcrafted to satisfy your taste bud.

Beh Teh Saw
Gooey melted molasses combined with our famous sesame seeds enwrapped in a flaky skin pastry, created by painstakingly kneading the dough to many layers, making this an unforgettable mouth-watering delight.

Ghee Hiang Legendary Babies.
Born in the 21st century, each baby represents an individual product of Ghee Hiang and they all have unique names, associated to the products. These babies never fail to welcome and attract walk-in customers at Ghee Hiang retail boutiques.

Ghee Hiang Milestone.
It’s a brand heritage values, competitiveness and quality through product excellence and innovation and bring it forth from one generation to another.

Yes! I just finish work and on the way back to KL!
Love my crocs and guess what? Penang – KL only less then 3hours!

Drop by at their main outlet and at the same time the largest one in Penang!

216 Macalister Road
10400 Penang
Tel: +604-227 2222

They also have few outlet:
Sunshine Farlim Retail Boutique
Burmah Road Retail Boutique
Beach Street Retail Boutique

Website: HERE!
Facebook: HERE!