Have you plan your Valentine activity? Other than bring your special partner to have a romantic dinner, why not if you guys spend your valentine day with something sweet. Bring your partner to enjoy the sunset or watch romantic movie. If you thinking of something light and simple for your dessert, why not drop by Gelare outlet?

What is Geláre?
Geláre is ice cream with real flavour and no artificial ingredients which guarantees to deliver a smile on the face of every ice cream lover. It is an Italian word that means “to freeze” or “congeal” and Italy is where the ice cream originated. The Romans were the first to make it, however an American, Jacob Fussell, perfected the process back in 1851. Geláre has taken the best qualities from both countries and expanded upon them to create a World Class Ice Cream.

Yesterday, I went to Gelare at e@curve to try out their new Valentine Waffles. Thanks to Rebecca for the invitation. Since I do not have partner, I bring Azrin to Gelare as my partner and somehow during the event, my partner change to Kelvin LOL

They let me to choose and mix 2 scoops of ice cream and the waffle is quite thick. I ordered Jamaican Chocolate and Mocha Chip. The combination of the ice cream and the sweetness of maple syrup is just a perfect. The waffle it self not bad. The outside layer is crispy but inside not to soft. It will be perfect if the waffle served hot. For those who do not know, Freshly Baked Waffles is Half Price on Tuesdays!

If you are not a waffle fan, you can check their pancakes out. The pancake is ready by 14 February 2011 onwards.

Kiwi and Mango.

Do check Gelare out Outlet at E@Curve this Valentine day and you can treat yourself or me for some delicious waffles.