For those who do not know, most of Taylor’s students are currently having revision week. Exams are just around the corner. Along with a bunch of my friends, we visited the Popular bookstore in Sunway Pyramid to grab ourselves some stationeries.

My friends suggested to me Paper Mate – a brand for liquid paper. Since I do not like those liquid type ones, I decided to choose the tape type since it will help me to save more time instead of waiting the liquid to dry.

Some of the features and benefits of this Paper Mate are the convenience and comfort of holding the stationery especially when it is designed like Pen-style case. I do not prefer something bulky since my pencil box is long in shape. Not only that, it has a strong, tear-proof film which helps prevents breakage.

So, which color is your choice? I prefer blue and don’t ask me why not pink color XD
Oh ya, by the way this Paper Mate is refillable with DryLine Ultra Refill. Not to mention that the tape length is 5mm x 6m. The most good thing is about it is the tip cover also prevents tape from looping when carried in a bag or briefcase.

I don’t think talking alone would help you grasp the awesomeness of Paper Mate, I suggest you guys try it yourself! It is affordable and you can get it in any bookstores. The Liquid Paper Dryline Ultra is just RM6.50.

So, I was thinking, if I buy the Liquid Paper Dryline Ultra, I would need a refill sooner or later since I’m using it for my assignment, notes, and I have friends borrowing it from me every since they found out how convenient it is to use.

The value pack worth RM9.50 (which is the one I would recommend) comes with a refill. And that would roughly last me about 1 month of use.

Also, changing the refill is very straightforward, very much DIY friendly so that wouldn’t be a problem at all. Yes, the value pack at RM9.50 would be a wiser choice in the long run!

Pssttt… Let me tell you something about the benefit of refill … long run is saving and of course environmentally friendly =)

If you’re bored, Paper Mate have an awesome and fun game too. Pssstttt I improve my English vocabulary from this game too.

Just visit: and enjoy the game!

It challenges typing skills and your English vocabulary.

Have fun… Seems that I need to improve a lot.. =)

The future of your exams starts with a good friend, Paper Mate!


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