The other day, my colleague complained we did not have enough chairs in our studio. We decided to pay Ikea a visit. We never plan to purchase and we are lucky enough, we there’s a promotion for these chairs. They have a plenty type of chairs and this the only want that we afford to buy.
We bought 16 white chairs and 5 stool chair. I wish our studio is just located in Damansara so that we can have more Ikea furniture. I personally prefer Ikea design and price. Once we bought then only we realize if we have enough space to put this stuff in my car.
Thanks goodness, it’s just perfect to fit everything. Total cost up to RM500+
Basically, all items from Ikea is easy to fix, but it’s not fun to fix more than 20 chairs. At the end, Iā€™m the only one who fix everything since some of them have shooting.
We had a few classes from the photography workshop to rent out the space to people. We are located in C180 Cheras and we are open 24/7.
 For those who want to rent our studio, you may want visit White Studio Project Facebook page.