Last Friday, I was invited by Ewinee to have the food review & chill out session with bunch of bloggers buddy. The moment I saw Ewinee tweet about Funky Villa food review invitation, I confirm on the spot even though I had another food review at Manhattan Fish Market at the same time, venue but different location. Since I just brought my NEX-3 for the food review, the picture quality turn out failed. Maybe because I not really good in using small camera + light camera. All the picture taken by Xiang and only the 2nd + 3rd picture taken by KampungBoyCityGal!

Thanks to Ewinee for the invitation.

The moment I step into the restaurant, one word only can describe it. WOW. With the such of nice decoration, lighting and of course the menu that tempting my stomach, it’s really a nice place for hanging around during weekend and even after your work. With bunch of people or even with your special, this place will give you a good experience.

Names shows everything. Funky Villa is really funky. Not only a restaurant or a bistro concept, it’s also a formal dining, wine room, cheerful lounge and Funky Bar. There also have the VIP section.

Do not asked me why they have a lot of palm tree. Maybe they try to bring the different feeling… Haha Hawaii is it? XP

This is our table. They said that it’s the same table during the grand opening.

If you prefer not an ordinary Thai dining experience, here you are!
Combination of classic Thai cuisine to modern in order to fulfill customer satisfaction.

Lemon Grass Drink
Our drinks on that day. At first, me and Elaine don’t like it but after few minutes, the taste actually not bad. The strong taste of the lemon grass really help you to throw all the air inside my stomach. For those who do not know, if you didn’t eat for almost a day, you feel full but actually inside your stomach have air. Lemon grass is really good to throw all the air inside your body.

Peanuts with Spicy Dried Anchovies
As starter, this what we had. I not eat much of it since I nee avoid peanuts because scare of pimples came out LOL.

Tom Yam Goong
When talk about Thailand specialty, Tom Yam is the first dish that came out in my mind. So, Thailand restaurant must have Tom Yam right? For funky villa, here you go. It’s not really spicy enough for me since they need to prepare a dish that suits everyone appetite. I believe that you can ask them to make more spicy if you request. Tom Yam + Spicy = Best!

Clear Tom Yam
The differences clear Tom Yam and normal Tom Yam is the color of soup haha. One clear and one more not really clear LOL. It’s still not too spicy but what the best most for the Tom Yam in Funky Villa is their ingredient inside it. They use a huge and juicy seafood such as prawn and squid. Not to mention the freshness. Still fresh as my dinner meals.

Green Curry
I never had green curry before and actually I can’t eat any dish that have coconut milk. Allergic with it. Last time even worst that I can’t eat at all but nowadays, can eat a little bit. At first I thought that the curry will be spicy but for the funky villa curry version, it’s a literally sweet and not too spicy curry. The portion of chicken that they use quite a lot as well. If you prefer something that not too spicy and sweet, you can consider this meal.

Beef Salad
It’s a grill beef that slice thin, toss with Thai-style dressing and serve with fresh vegetables.The flavours are strong but I also not really can eat beef due of allergic. It’s really a complete meal and quite healthy. Like others beef salad, the beef was tossed with sliced onions, herbs and a lime-chili dressing.

Fish Fillet with Tamarind Sauce
I don’t have chance to try it but they said that the sweet sour sauce was just nice to eat together with the fresh fish fillet! So, I believe that I miss something nice.

BBQ Skewers
Other than fresh baby tomato that you can get, they use fresh, huge and juicy prawn + beef + squid. It’s a little bit plain for prawn and squid. To have a nice taste, you must dip it in the homemade sauce that came together with the dish. The meat and seafood was finely grill and add some lemon will make the seafood better. If you looking for the combination of meat and seafood, BBQ Skewers is the right choice.

Fish Fillet with Popiah
This is another dish that I don’t have chance to try which is it’s served in 3 types of Thai chili sauce. I hope the taste turn out good.

Mango Salad with Tofu
Other than beef salad, they also have mango salad with tofu that must try if you want order the appetizer. I love the taste of sweet and sour + the slices of mango. What is the best most for mango salad with tofu? Of course the tofu. The way that they cook almost same with me haha. The outside layer a little bit crispy and inside is soft. Topping with some chopped bird eyes chili and also peanut.

Coconut Seafood Otak-Otak
Back then when I was at Singapore, I had a few friend asked me that what Otak-Otak means. Actually otak-otak means brains in Malay and Indonesian. The idea came out somewhat resembles brains, being on the soft and squishy side. I prefer to have it with rice.

How about the coconut seafood otak-otak? Basically the minced fish fillet that made from fresh mackerel meat pounded and marinated with coconut milk, ground chilli, onions, lemongrass, blue ginger and turmeric. It’s a little bit different where they serve it inside the coconut rather than just a pandan leaf. There still have the pandan smell and of course the coconut taste + smell as well which is brings it’s own subtle flavour and ability to retain moisture and taste.

Mango Glutinous Rice
Another famous dessert for Thailand is the mango glutinous rice or people called it as mango sticky rice. It’s came with the half fruit of Mango, Glutinous rice, Jack fruits, red ruby and coconut milk. The mango quite sweet and it’s quite nice and perfect dessert while playing PS3 ^^

Not really sure what they call this dessert. It’s came together with the mango glutinous ricean it’s quite nice as well. The dessert came with the Jack fruit, Red Ruby with Coconut Milk. i really love the Red Ruby. It’s remind me to the blueberry. Anybody know where can I get fresh blueberry?

Humongous Long Island
I not drink it but, looks like lemon tea XP

There also have PS3 for you to play. Just pay a deposit RM300 and you can enjoying the games! This time, we played FIFA and I really suck on it! Jon kena a bao by Azrin 4-0

Woot woot got people enjoying Humongous Long Island… Sharing is caring ^^

Group photo!
L-R: Azrin, Elaine, Bryan, Mynjayz, JonYkt, Yinxie, Feeq, Ewin, Xiang

Another group photo!

I want my short hair back!

Overall I will vote:
7/10 for the service. Efficient & Friendly.
7/10 for the food quality and quantity. Nice and the price are reasonable.
8/10 for the environment. Colorful, cosy interior, clean and comfortable.

Cineleisure Damansara, Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Lot No G-03A, G-06 & EG-06, GROUND FLOOR e@curve (formerly cineleisure)
No. 24 Jalan PJU7/3, Mutiara Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Tel No:
03-77252308 / 014 688 9098


Funky Villa

P.S.: This is based on individual’s taste and liking and if there’s any other further questions about this restaurant or the food, feel free to drop a comment. Thanks!