When talk about crocs, it’s not only about a pair of shoes. Have you heard about Crocs Shoes Bag? Nope? Ok, now you will hear from me. I will giving out not 1 but 3 Crocs official shoe bag worth RM89 each just by answer the simple question by reply in this post.

So, how the Crocs Shoes bag looks like? It’s that like the picture that shows? if you want to know, faster tell me your answer!

So here’s the question to win the 3 Crocs official shoe bag worth RM89 each…

Name all the countries for Crocband Nation and tell us which is your favourite & why?

I want make yourself easy… HERE! is the answer.
The winner will be choose from the fastest blogger who reply & unique answer.
Tips: If you blog about it, extra mark ^^

You can check Crocs official:
Twitter @CrocsMalaysia
Facebook page

*The winner will be announce by 15.07.2010 10pm. Reply your comment before 15.07.2010 12 noon. The winner will be inform through email.

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