I believe that you guys know about the sad story German (4) VS England (1) right? Some people might like it but some are not. For those who do not know, I really outdated about the football. When talk about the FIFA, I only think about lepak time with bunch of friend at mamak stall and while all my friend busy watch the football, I “help” them to finish their food haha.

Before I tell you guy how to win the concert passes, let’s enjoy some random video that I record yesterday.

#1 When girls talk about football!

#2 What advertlets blogger think about the game?

#3 I love this video where you can see from the video shaking. I laugh until cry wei ^^”

P/S: Sorry for the video, I just learn how to edit FML!

For your info, this Saturday (3rd July 2010) at Dataran Merdeka, 2pm onwards there will have a concert which is it will be one of the main highlights on the event day when Kuala Lumpur’s first ever city champions have been crowned.

Other bands such as Azlan and The Typewriter, Pesawat, Pure Vibracion, Bunkface, Awan Band and Forty Winks will also feature on the line-up.

So, FeeqSays Network has 25 Pair of Concert Passes to give away!

What you need to do is:
1- Blog about the Free Giveaway Passes on your blog and start vote your favourite video (#1 or #2 or #3) and tell me why you like it.
2- You need to add FeeqSays Network link.
3- The blogpost must up before 1st of July 2010, Thursday 10am.
4- Email the URL link of your blogpost to feeq_2009@hotmail.com with subject: I want Nike Concert Passes!
5- The winner will be inform through an email.
6- 5 winners will be select based on their creativity which is pair of passes will be given out.

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