This restaurant is quite famous among the Nilai University College & Inti college.

The restaurant located just in front of the mosque. It is very easy to reach there if you use highway and drop at Nilai toll. Only 1km from the Nilai toll gate. Once you reach Nilai toll gate, you just go straight until you see the traffic light then turn to your right (follow NILAI University College signboard). After that you just go straight than you can see mosque on your left than traffic light in front of you. You need turn right and you can see the restaurant.

Some post from me, my housemate & edmund.

Their food that I can say the taste little bit drop already since they has separate to two stall in 1 restaurant. 1 for drink and 1 more for food. But the food still nice since still a lot people especially workers who work at the office around nilai such as college staff and bank staff.

Today I had deer (rusa) black pepper, Penang prawn me and bali fu cuk.

The potion of Penang prawn mee has been decrease little bit but the taste still nice like last time I went. The chili not really spicy but the mee quite oily. The prawn mee also come with kangkung, egg, bean spread and also fish cake and of course prawn. Price for it RM4.50 each.

Deer meet is my favorite. I just try because 1 of my friend recommend it. The meet not too hard and also not too soft. The quantity of black pepper sauce quite a lot. I love it. The dishes come without rice. So I add 1 plate of plain rice. Price for it RM6.50 each.

Bali fu cuk and Red Bean is just ordinary like some of the Chinese stall sell. Not too much want say about it. Price for it RM1.20 each.

The Penang fried kuew Teow also superb. The quantity also not too small. For those who cant get the real penang fried kuew teow, you can try their penang fried kuew teow. Price for it RM4 each.

Place: Local Deli Penang Food, Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.
Price: RM 6 – 8 per person.
Category: Penang food.

P.S.: This is based on individual’s taste and liking and if there’s any other further questions about this restaurant or the food, feel free to drop a comment. Thanks!