The Ipoh White Coffee Check Hup I bought during my visit to Ipoh last few weeks because have tennis competition at University Teknologi Petronas Perak. I drink it during mys study around 5am. After I had a cup of White Coffee. I didnt feel tired and can continue study.

This restaurant quite famous. I has been to few place that but what I can say this branch where located inside Tesco Ipoh (i forget exactly the name of the place) quite expensive. The environment is more like few bistro that you can see around of you such as AL’ Salam or Nasi Kandar.

This is some shot from Nilai University College tennis team who play at University Teknologi Petronas Perak.

Some of the cute snack that you can get around Ipoh town.

This restaurant my friends told me is really nice. You must stop there if you come to Gopeng Ipoh. Not too far from medan gopeng terminal bus. The restaurant sure crowded with a lot of people during lunch time.

We also drop a while at funny mountain tau fu fa to have our dessert. The price is cheap only rm0.80 for 1 bowl. The owner told us “can take picture or video…but dont put on you tube…haha..” There also have some people taking picture. This is the place where I get my white coffee.