Project Unmasked, Eradicate Stigma, Asserting Empathy

The Story behind HIV/AIDS is a Corporate Social Responsibility project organized by the final year students of the subject Corporate Communication (IAA 65 and 66 of Institute Advertising Communication Training-IACT). Project UnMasked, reveals the ‘real’ stories of discrimination and fear experienced by people living with HIV/AIDS. Our aim is to break the stereotypical ideas of the situation, realizing that there are no physical differences between someone who is HIV+ and who is not.

The tag line for the project, “Eradicate Stigma, Asserting Empathy”

There will be performances by local artists like One Buck Short, cheerleading from Sekolah Sri Bestari and many more. Join the fun this Saturday at Jaya One from 10am to 7pm!

More details can be found at the official blog for this project.