I have told you last time that Krispy Kreme will have opening ceremony today. I have wonderful trips to KL also.

Today is a big day for Malaysia doughnut lover. Since I’m not the doughnut lover, I still like to go the place that have a lot of people and also crowded ^^

I wake up at 6am and take bus to Nilai KTM and also KL Monorail to Times Square which is make myself tired was worth once I receive Krispy Kreme doughnut and coffee cup from the Krispy Kreme.

I reach Times Square entrance at 9.30am and I straight queue on the line to get my lucky number. My number was 255 which is you can see there have a lot of people was waiting early. The line was sperate to media line and customer line. While waiting for opening I had a little chat with one oof the workers (quite pretty ^^) and that girl told me, the first two guests was “camping” for 2 day and since 6am, they have more than 80 people was waiting at the entrance.

1) The crowded has begin since morning.
2 & 3) The krispy kreme fan.
4 & 5) The girl who suddenly fainted because hungry & tired.
6) 12.30pm still have customer who waiting for buy the krispy kreme.

I has be inform by the supervisor that process of making the doughnut just need to take around 30 – 45 minute.

They have collection to carry home.
Blue & white shirt: RM39
Steel coffee cup: RM69
Cap: RM29
Coffee cup big: RM 25
Coffee cup kid: RM21
The supervisor also told me that the doughnut can last until 24 hour (original) and 8 hours (assorted)

The Krispy Kreme making process.

Decoration during the opening ceremony.

Fan of Krispy Kreme.

Operation hours:
Sunday – Thursday: 8am – 12midnight
Friday, Saturday & Public holiday: 8am – 1am

For me, the doughnut too sweet and normal.