Express Yourself and Win up to RM15,000 in Cash!!!

Anybody want win RM15,000? You can get RM15,000 while you eating and at the same time having fun. How?

The Corntoz ‘Express Yourself’ campaign is encouraging everyone to share with the world how you’d snack on Corntoz in your own unique way! All you got to do is take a video of yourself eating Corntoz and share it on Corntoz’s website. It’s entirely up to you to show how you snack on Corntoz. Forget about what others might think of your way of snacking as you should be thinking of the cash prize you might possibly win!! Top 3 Videos submitted and judged by Corntoz internal judges will be rewarded with RM8,000, RM5,000 and RM2,000 in cash respectively!! Let’s have it laid down for you the required steps for you to participate in The Corntoz ‘Express Yourself’ Campaign to win cash prizes up to a total of RM15,000; 1.Get yourself a 60g pack of Corntoz from any supermarket/hypermarket or convenience store. 2. Go to Corntoz and record your own video of how you snack Corntoz in your own unique style (choice to add on layers to spice up your videos!). Alternatively, you can also upload your pre-recorded video onto YouTube and submit the YouTube link on You can use your sleek hand held cameras to record a video for this campaign and utilize your movie-making skills or even record a video of yourself eating Corntoz from your webcam itself! Just grab a Corntoz, start eating in front of your computer and record yourself eating it on and you’re in the race to win cash prizes! If you need some inspiration for your videos, try checking out the official TVC for Corntoz.