A:fair Weekend Biggest Bazaar

Organize at SOHO KL and it will be the home of the official launch of Afair Event initiative to help young entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs/traders, retrenched workers and unemployed graduates. They will have a launching ceremony during the event and we will have various activities including Battle of the Talent, Runway Modelling Show, Bazaar Trader Incubation Counseling, Live Bands, Business talk, Health and Stress Management talk and lots more.

They are reaching out Japanese & Foreign Community. They will be publishing ads in their magazines & newspaper. please find a translated copy of their poster in Japanese!!

Looking forward to see you guys there!!


You’ve seen the word BIGGEST, this is why…Their have listed down all A:fair Family members for their A:fair Weekend BIGGEST Bazaar @ SOHO KL on the 25th and 26th April 2009

Detail: HERE
See ya there!!