Nasi Kandar is one of the famous restaurant that you can find everywhere in Malaysia. I had been to this restaurant for 2 years back when one of my senior bring me to eat during the UNNIC Event preparations. The Nasi Kandar Lawood not only the nasi kandar that you can find at nilai. Nilai also have different Nasi Kandar such as Nasi Kandar Impian & other. But this is the best among the best. So, it is quite long time already right? Now only I want blog it. Straight to the point, I went with my housemates for lunch. The special of this restaurant is “WORTH”

Can you see how many people are waiting for their food? But the time that we went almost 2pm. So, less people already. If you go 12noon – 1pm, you must wait more than 15 minute to get your food and also not sure got seat or not.

This is the Nasi Kandar Lawood Half Chicken that cost me RM4. You can ask for full chicken that will cost you at RM6. Cheap & worth. No1 is what I had today & no2 is what I had 1 years back. You can see the they decrease the quantity of vegetable. Since the price not change but the economic goes up. Still worth.

The special about the sauce is they mix 3 type of sauce. How to eat? you need to mix the sauce 1st. The black color make your sauce spicy.

This is the drinks that we had today. Only Rm1.80 each. Barley > Lime Ice > Red Syrup.

Overall we will vote:
8.5/10 for the service that food serving is efficient & they have 3 waitress will help u take the order when you ques.
9/10 for the food delicious & worth.
7/10 of course for the environment. Open air.



N 02″ 47. 970′
E 101″ 46. 172′

Phone: 06-8502511

Day off: Saturday & Sunday

P.S.: This is based on individual’s taste and liking and if there’s any other further questions about this restaurant or the food, feel free to drop a comment. Thanks!