For Indonesia food lover around nilai, I have good news for you. Another Indonesia restaurant has opened at desa palma that call Jawa Timur. The restaurant just open for less than 3 weeks & 90% complete renovate has start their business. Why 90%? Because another 10 % is for their Wi-Fi & decoration which is not yet totally operation.

Some of the decoration and environment of the restaurant. They combine 3 type of restaurant style which is you can see from their dining table. They have restaurant style (seat on the floor), Kopitiam style (round table) and also bistro style (outside & open air area).

The ketchup chicken cost you RM6. The sauce is spicy and make sure you have your drink first before you eat.

Ayam pangang (grill) cost you at RM6. The texture that you can see has a lot of chili and the taste really spicy.

Teh Sorsa (ice tea) RM1.30 just ordinary tea.

Apple juice RM2.60. I like their spoon + straw.

Honey dew milk and Watermelon milk cost at RM2.80 each. All of fruits drink will come together with spoon + straw.

The menu is unique The name of food is weird. But, don’t worry because they put in bracket the explanation of the food.

For those who follow my blog before, the restaurant located nears the Little Seoul & D’REEN Cafe at Desa Palma. They also have another Indonesia food restaurant that I suggest just near there also Bondi (1 & 2).

Overall I will vote:
5/10 for the service because their service slow. The foods came first before drinks.
8/10 for the food quality and quantity of the food excellent.
8.5/10 for the environment. They have unique decoration & combination of 3 style. They also have Wi-Fi.



N 02″ 48. 774′
E 101″ 45. 717′