It’s has been almost 1 year when I cook this Ratatouille. I cook it during my kitchen practical class. I cook ratatouille just for my French assignment. Lucky my work hard worth hehe when I receive A+ for my final exam.

Lets straight to the food ok?

1) The ingredient that you must prepare. 1 Large eggplant, 1 Large green zucchini, 1 Small red capsicum, 1 Small yellow capsicum, 1 Nos of garlic, 1 Nos of onion, 1 Can of tomato paste or 1 Nos of medium tomato, Pinch of Salt, Pepper & Thyme.

2) Pour olive oil inside pan, then saute the chop onion and chop garlic. Stir for 3 minute.

3) Put the eggplant & green zucchini. After 5 minute, put yellow capsicum & red capsicum then stir for 5 minute.

4) Put tomato paste or tomato chop then stir for 10 minute.

5) …it’s DONE. Easy right?

It’s very easy right? For those who has cook this dish, leave some comment to me ok?