This meal I have create by my own. I got idea when I don’t know what to cook & suddenly I saw banana in my kitchen. Than I just simply do.

Ingredients (1 pax):

Beef meet
2 nos of garlic
2 stick of banana


1: Cut the beef and make it thin layer.
2: Chop the garlic.
3: Mix the beef with garlic, pepper & salt. Put cheese (cheese version).
4: Roll the beef and tight it white color string (cant remember what people call it)
5: Pour oil into a large saucepan.
6: Fry them in the oil until they cook.
7: Serve.

Honestly the result:

With out Cheese:
Great because you can taste the beef flavor + sweetness of banana and also the spicy of pepper.

With Cheese:
Suck because the beef become too sweet and oily.