What I am doing right now?
Or at least for this past few weeks until end of the month?
Why I looks so busy?

I am learning how to have a girlfriend.

The Fine Art of Flirting. Since Malaysia do not have a proper class for it, I bought this book and learn by myself.

Does it works?


Actually I busy with my final exam.
Today is my first paper for Bachelor Business in Marketing University of South Australia.
So, pray for me. I need to take break in blogging until end of this month. My exam is on 13/11/2010 (Today), 15/11/2010 (Monday), 19/11/2010 (Friday) & 26/11/2010 (Friday).

Wish me good luck ya.
Pray for me too ^oo^

That book is not mine. If you want borrow it, I can ask my housemate for you.

P/S: How FeeqSays Network Balance his Social Network and Education? HERE!

Off to College.