I know I have been MIA for quite sometime. Let me recap what is going on when I slow down on the blogging track (I know no people bother about it).
Started with my college stuff where I just finish my final and yeah.. that is my main reason why I MIA. I also more active in the phtography.. Check it out the update on my photography blog: Feeq Photos & Facebook.
For those who really know what I have been doing for past 1 year, I just finish contract with the Chinese photography company and now I join the new photography company who are really sporting and fun. This time I choose to get involve in Malay wedding =)
Last Friday – Sunday had wedding exhibition in Stadium Shah Alam.
With my new wedding photographer team My Cute Moment and The Love Story Teller.
I gonna busy with the photoshoot for whole month of July. So, stay tune for more photos ya and I still gonna update this blog =)