When my mind says I can’t do, ‪#‎FuckYourExcuses‬ . When people say I can’t do, wait and see. Gym is my second home after my studio, CVS Production and nothing can stop me. I’m not showing off because I have nothing to show. I just want to inspire people to take care their health and body.
It’s good to have people who have personally contacted me and ask for some advise and telling me that I’m inspired them to change their lifestyle. I’m still finding for second hand or affordable slow juice maker for my detox drinks plan. Let me know if you are selling. 
Someone remind me over the weekend that I have done a great job to influence others through my social media. I shouldn’t stop. Haters going to hate and never lower your standard because of them.
My main reason why I have to consistently go to the gym. Usually I will be at the back of the camera, but this time I will always be at the front of the camera instead. Planning something new and it’s is going to be fresh from the oven. It’s good to have buddy who have the same idea and dream as you. Hopefully all of you can show us your support.
Preparing my overnight oats. So, which one do you prefer? US Red Anjou Pear or Dragon Fruit or Banana? There has a lot way to stay healthy. Don’t give excuses!
My favorite Overnight oats recipe:
– Oats
– Dragon fruits
– Greek yogurt
– Milk
Keep in fridge at least one night and enjoy your overnight oats.
Post workout meals. I don’t have any fancy meals, how about you? Somehow I felt this plain boiled chicken breast kinda tasty, even though I don’t put any salt and pepper. Share with me your healthy food recipes please. 
Sometimes I do pack my own post workout meals if I have something to do after my gym session. Please ignore the pink color containers hahaha 
One sachet of Mika Series before I sleep and once I wake up. It’s easy to change our way of eating. Stay healthy. Since I’m on a diet and try to change my way of eating, this supplement is just right for me. Do check out their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MikaSeries. Any of you have any suggestion for good supplement, do let me know because my Mika Series is almost finish.
When most of my friends spend their night at the club, I’m spending my time in the gym. So, any recommendations for workout supplements for someone who in “cutting” process? My HydroXYcut gonna finish soon. 
Found nice and healthy drink, but kinda expensive. But I think this one is much better than Boost Juice. Why should I wait 2015 resolution to change my way of eating. Start now and stay healthy with La Juiceria. Check their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/LaJuiceriaMY
Why there’s no sales for sports outfit. Oh, maybe I miss it. I need new sport shoes since my current one really in bad shape.Went to Reebok, Adidas, Puma and Nike. Anyone know any cheaper and nice running shoes? My Puma shoes “koyak” already..
Does anyone want to sponsor my new gym outfit? *summoned hope spirit*
Since I do not have any iPod or MP3, I decided to use my backup phone #htcDesire816 as my music player during my gym routine. I have received a lot of questions regarding the battery performance and let me answer all for once. Don’t worry, I won’t be biased. Read HERE
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