Hi, everyone, I am Victor and blog at http://www.zewsays.com/

Zew is a short form for my real name Zhi Yu. As seen from the name, it is a blog compiling my thoughts and experiences. I am a newbie in blogging so it really struck me as a surprise when Feeq offered to feature me in his blog.

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Five months ago, I started to transform my media of writing from paper to online blogs for its more interactive features. Bitten by the writer’s bugs, I began to blog on my interests: thinking and analysis. I analyzed business, economy, current affairs and also my observations on life phenomena around me. These topics might seem a little heavy for a 19 year old to write but that is me.

The first surprise that blogging brought me was an internship offer from the JobStreet.com after its management stumbled upon my few thousands word blog post on the future of JobStreet.com. This was the response that I had never thought of. What’s more, it further strengthened my interest to continue blogging because I have found out that I have readers! When I received comments from a Russian reader, I was extremely thrilled. Because of blogging, I am seen everywhere including the places that I have never been to.

The next surprise came as My Selangor Story, the first blogging event that I participate in. The 6 days 5 nights tour around Selangor has indeed broadened my horizons. It did not only expose me to so many places I have never seen but also introduced me to the many different sides of blogging. Some are poetic while some are straightforward. Some blog about everyday life while some blog about photography. It is just like writing. It is just like life. Everyone is unique and is his or her blog.

My passion basically lies in reading, writing and volunteering. I have personally started a project with my college friends to travel around Shah Alam and other Selangor cities and blog (http://www.my-orangers.com/) about the places and the peoples. Most important of all, we upload the pictures to Google Earth. Hopefully, we can increase the online visibility of Malaysian cities and thereby, improve local tourism industry.

That is all about me, about Zewsays.com Nice to meet you all out there and do drop by my blog once in a while. Above all, I would like to give Feeq a big thank you hug for featuring me.