Harlo people this guy above is squating on floor to poo-poo. His name is TianChad and he blog at TianChad.com. Yay, I feel honored to be the featured blogger of this week and I would like to thanks Feeq for this.

At first, I start blogging because saw other peoples’ blog and just follow the trend. Besides, since I am a forgetful person I thought that blogging can help me keep my memories as “diaries online” so that I remember what happened when I look back.

Ever since I know it is possible to earn some money through blogging. I decided to invest more time in it and start attend more events. First, it is nice to explore new place and get to know more friends. This is one of the event that I have attended – FCUK Facebook Party.

Second, sometimes it is nice to be a blogger as you can meet celebrities in closer distance too. Met Da Mouth Taiwanese Group and see them perform live. Nice or not? =D

Because of the blogging contest, I figured out that you can win awesome prizes by just blog about it. I blogged about LG Blog Launch Party last year and this post help me won a new mobile phone. Get new gadget by just blogging about it, isn’t it great? =)

One day, opportunity and luck dropped by and I was somehow invited to be one of the LG Blog‘s guest blogger. I feel happy specially when I heard this great news! Can join LG’s event and blog about it. For example, LG Technology Design Centre during F1 season. It is really fun!!

I was lucky to meet American Idol Kris Allen in Malaysia and perform live some more! Thanks LG for everything =)

Times passed quickly and I continue blogging, I feel gratitude as when opportunity drop by you can meet people you like to meet. Met Zee Avi in one of the Crocs Charity Event. If you are one of my reader you know I always want to meet with Marion Caunter. =D

Recently just won a new Blackberry by blogging about DiGi Break Free Party. This tell me that I shouldn’t stop blogging too. You can read my winning post, I do put lots of efforts in it.

There are more reasons that I like blogging because I like to capture the precious moment that makes me feel warm and happy. Through blogging I can share my photo and get people’s comment. Sharing is caring right?

Besides that I also like to travel as it is so fun to able to travel all around the world and learn new culture. It would be great if got people sponsor you to travel and blog right? This is the beach in Phuket, Thailand. Which I haven’t blog about it ;p

*Sunset at Phuket with my friends*

Through blogging, I have met all kind of people and you are lucky if you met a nice person and become good friend. I would say Feeq is one of the nice people I know. Thanks again for featuring my blog and I do appreciate this!

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