Hello and Good Day to all of you !

First up, Serge here would like to thank the all awesome Feeq for featuring Serge in his website that is so cool so awesome, so nice that puts my own website to shame laaa. I think I want to cry now, so malulah me getting featured here. But because I am featured, let me say this; Congratulations to Feeq and his new site.

Anyway my name is Serge Norguard, it is pronounced “surge” like power surge and Norguard is NOR- GUARD; the Nor is like Norway. Many of you might have asked me, why that name or how did it come about ? Well, Serge came from a character from one of my favorite video games called Chrono Cross. Where else the surname Norguard is a self-made name with
Celtic/Norwegian folklore and mythology.

Now that you know, I am 100% Malaysian but 30% Chinese cause I do not speak Mandarin or Cantonese; and even my Hokkien is half past three. I’m a Klang boy now living in Petaling Jaya. I am a certified tech geek and that is what i do at work. Where I work is secret but maybe I could tell you …one day. maybe.

Just like Feeq, I am a blogger, photographer and event-goer. I have been blogging since 2002. Yes friends, I am that old… I still remember the time when we old folks blogged using html and geocities. Those were really the days and then after 3 years, I got myself a domain. How did I survive for 8 years in the blogging world ? Friends who encourage me of course, even though they did not know that they did.

Erm, I am at a lost here of what to write here, so lets see now. Visit
my site http://dustyhawk.net , follow me on twitter @dustyhawk and fan
me on FB

Till then we say cheers !

“Yet isn’t it better to remember to remember and be sad ? for you know you had poured out all your heart. Do not be discouraged, do not forget….for if you do, the sad memories will remain sad. Always remember, that the sadness you have endured the first time will later be happy memories which will make you stronger in your love for the people whom you really care about.”
-Author Unknown-