Editor note: First of all, I would like to welcome Justin to his new family.

Hey all! My name is Yee Jin or better known as Justin. I’m the author for the blog I’m just an average outgoing university student. I began blogging about 6 months back. After some rough patches I decided it was time to pull myself up and well blogging turned out to be my savior.

After that I found that I really enjoyed it and have continued ever since. I shall admit that I am a camwhorer, so yes I am vain. Well nothing wrong with wanting to look good right? I am kinda quiet at first but after warming up then please shut me up if I’m talking too much.

My blog is filled with a little something of everything. I write reviews for technically anything, I do food blogging, I cover events and whatever that is on my mind. Personally I love covering events, not just for the free foods but for the people I get to meet. Other bloggers are actually really nice and friendly people.

Always have a blast when I’m around them. My blog has an occasional guest blogger who is my best friend in America, that’s why sometimes my blog would have events from the States. If you do see me around, please don’t hesitate to say hi. I am much less scary than I look so no worries there.

Hope you enjoy reading my blog and a big THANK YOU! to Feeq for featuring me.