Yo Malaysia! I’m Azrin and I blog at www.azrinarizz.com. Better known as Azrina in the blogging scene! Firstly, I would like to thank Feeq for featuring me on this blog. He told me he wanted to make me famous haha. I think. Well, actually to tell you the truth, I was forced to be on this blog. HAHA. It is like where prisoners were asked to paint the Pudu Jail wall. Except this time is modern time jail. Feels weird at times. Lets move on.

From my name, you think I am a Malay boy. From my looks, you think I am a Chinese boy. Well, both of your guesses are right. I am a mixed malay and chinese. So I get to experience the best of both worlds. Well, I grew up in Subang and during that time Subang is like a war zone where the Germans attacked the Malaysians. Well, obviously I am crapping.

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Lets get a little serious. I am actually 17 years old and already in college. Why so fast? I thought you are taking SPM. Pay government money to skip SPM ah? Why la? Well, during my primary days, I jump a grade for no reason. Well, I wasn’t the brightest in class but I definitely was the most playful. Well I joke a lot and this trait must have followed me until now. What do you think?

Anyways, I am a boy who loves tech stuff. I enjoy rig building as well as arranging my workstation. I love to building my own PC than buying one. Could it be the satisfaction of having what you want or I am a guy who is long winded when it comes to technology? My love started at the age of 12. I do my own cable management as well as put thermal paste on my processor fan. At the age of 14, I am a guy who is crazy for computer games. Well, unlike any ordinary kid who plays at home. I actually took my game playing to another level.

I played FiFa which is basically a football based game and I entered various tournaments such is WCG,WGT as well as other various LAN tournaments. I was playing with one of the best clan in Malaysia and I was one of the youngest in the whole lot. Lets say you are only 14 and you play against opponents double your age. I managed to finish top 16 overall in the whole Malaysia in that tournament. Well, I also was featured as gamer of the week once on one of the newspapers.

After a few years, my love towards FiFa slowly drift apart and I played Call of Duty 4-Modern Warfare. Well, I was in one of Malaysia Biggest clan during that time and it was called XEF,Xhydro Elite Force. Well, I join various tournaments and regular LAN party at Sunway cafe. But I quit the clan due to school work.

Now I am just enjoying gaming as a past time and taking photography as a hobby. Well, blogging as well. I have been blogging for about a year now and it has been fun. Meeting new friends as well as learning new stuff. When I started blogging, my love of food started to expand and I have been challenged to try or tasted different kinds. It is a good experience indeed.

Well, there is nothing much I can say except thanks for reading. Adios!