Given the opportunity by a good friend of mine Feeq aka Little Monkey, he has offered to featured me on his awesome blog. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity.

With Hannah Tan during her launch of Angel Album at Tropicana Starbuck.

I am Tan Thong Kai and I am person who blogs about my personal life and views, lifestyle travelling, my passion in everything I do at So people ask why botakai?? People always ask me I’m not even bald so why with the name? Is back during my school days where I can’t find any nice nick name to use online and easy name to remember. Whenever I sign up for emails, play games or what so ever, using my real name will be a hassle because I think it is quite a common name in the internet, where botakai is never used and never been found online ever until I used it, so therefore whatever you “Google” on botakai now is only me.

I love travel!
Born with a kind of genetic disease known as Osteogenesis Imperfecta, it is known as the brittle bone disease. To me is not unlucky to have the disease but just inconvenient. Given with this disability I have not given up on everything I believe in and able to do and accomplished. I have the passion to inspire people, to know more people, to be acknowledged by people and society. I tend to be more outgoing and a sociable person, going parties, events, meeting people, and going to clubs is like one of the major thing for normal people to see people like me in the club. Entering the club with friendly bouncers that is always taking care of me, getting those weird stares from people thinking “wah this person also can come clubbing”. To me in what I believe nothing is really impossible, when you have the will you have a way that is what I always believed in.

Sony NEX Launch with Heidi & Jeremy.

I write on my blog time to time about what’s happening in my life, what are my opinions in things and views, share my thoughts and anything that is inspiring and able to reach out to people. Even with my disability I still live a normal and joyful life with the people surrounding me friends and family, always by my side with lots of support. Right now I’m pursuing in inspiring people, encouraging people and able to be together with the person I love the most and able to be accepted by her. Do find out more about me on my blog.

With Feeq during the Molten Lava food review at 1Utama