This week, I will blog about the mastermind who make the fan crazy. They rock the stage with their awesome songs! If you miss the previous info about their band, you can check it out my previous post HERE!

The band and the songs of course not run by their self but 4 talented guys who work so hard to get into this level!

nick profile
Chancing upon vocalist Nick Davis at a singer-songwriter gig in May 2009 proved to be the fateful encounter that completed our band. Nick christened us Rosevelt after the fact that we will be getting in your head, with both provocative lyrics and catchy melodies that stick with you long after the show has ended.

A veritable tour de force owning the stage, Nick is the frontman responsible for the powerful vocals and screams that has become our signature sound, and the stage front moshpits that has become a staple at all our gigs.

josh profile
If you have been up all night or been headbanging on the way to the office, playing our song over and over, you have guitarist Joshua Desmond to thank.

Josh has been producing the band’s rhythmic riffs and insane effects since the college days in 2007, as well as managing Rosevelt’s gigs and shows. After all, we are indie, really.

bryan profile
The one truly original member of all previous incarnations of the band, drummer Bryan Chin has been making feet dance from the very start. Energetic does not even begin to describe the force setting the drums ablaze with heart-pounding beats and mind-blowing rolls.

Look out for Bryan’s trademark behind the flying drumsticks and smashing cymbals. Hint: it’s not on the head!

kush profile
Also one of the earliest members from our roots as a college band, bassist Kushal Kumar is the face behind the distinctive bush of hair. Don’t let him fool you; Kush may not move much on stage but it is his haunting bass lines that drive our songs.

So if you feel that delicious shiver at the back of your neck and/or the irresistible urge to headbang, you know you’re at the Rosevelt show.

For updates and songs, check them out at:
Blog: http://www.roseveltband.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RoseveltMalaysia
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/roseveltbandmalaysia
Cravecharts: http://www.cravecharts.com/rosevelt

For bookings and shows, email us at: roseveltband@gmail.com

If you want the FREE CD, stay tune in FeeqSays.Com next week!

cd rose
Meanwhile, they have self-produced a limited edition mini-album containing 3 tracks, namely Madicine, Thank You and Come Away. Feel free to contact them if you’re interested in purchasing our CD. (each cd comes with a cool Rosevelt Sticker!)

This August lookout for a lil’ surprise they have for you involving beautiful women and them on a white canvas. Stay Tuned!