I believe some of you thinks that I photoshop my photos. I know I look thin compared to how I look right now. When I talk about sports, my favorite is tennis. Back than I was really active in tennis compared to the past few months since I have been a little busy. I have few rackets and I enjoy my game, practicing every day. I can safely say that I have all the necessary a tennis player would have.

Unfortunately, I have one bad attitude when it comes to practice or during a tennis match. I hate to play under the hot sun. Not only is the weather too hot but it also will makes my skin darker.

The reason why I like to wear the colour white for my sports attire is because it looks clean and does not absorb the heat. I usually practice between 6.30am to 11am and from 4pm to 11pm. That will only happen if I have an upcoming tournament. Although it is just a normal practice, I still need to play under the hot sun.

I realize that whatever I do, I will look like a zebra once I take my shirt off. The area that covers my body will look fairer compared to my hand and face. Another thing that I like to do is visit other places and try their tennis court as well as practice a game or two with players of other places. That is how I manage to learn different style from various tennis players.

Let me be honest. This is not my 1st choice of sun block. I mean I tried other brands as well such as Sun Play and Banana boat. But since I play tennis, one of the important things is my hand grip. Yes! I must have the correct and stable grip to hold my racket in order for me to get the best shot for my serve, forehand, backhand etc.

One of the reasons why I chose Ocean Potion SP50 is because it is not oily. Ocean Potion sunblock is oil free and is suitable for someone like me who plays outdoor tennis. Not only that, the broad spectrum (SPF) is 50 where it is also able to let me play tennis for at least 50 minutes without the need to apply any other liquid on my skin. For my suncare, I will choose the kind for sports and luckily Ocean Potion offers a suncare for extreme sports.

Most people knows that a tennis game can drag for more than 50 minutes nonstop. I experienced it once where I completed my 1st game for almost 1 hour. Problem is, I usually play “the best 3 games” in a proper match. Every game only allows me to have a 5 minutes break so I need to apply new suncare to protect my skin. Usually it is troublesome to apply ordinary suncare when my hands are all sweaty.

My favourite is Ocean Potion suncare is called Dab-On SpotStick. The reason why I like it is because I can use it even with my sweaty hands. Not only is it a ready-to-go suncare but also contains SPF50.

So, how do I normally apply suncare to my skin? It is easy. I only apply the Ocean Potion suncare Sport Xtreme Sunblock before I enter the court and continue applying Ocean Potion Dab-On SpotStick every 50 minutes to 1hour.

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